Congratulations on Taking Massive Action!
Congratulations On Taking Massive Action!
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Soon You Will Be Accelerating Away From Frustration and Speeding Down the Road to Success 
Scott was a veteran of the mortgage industry. But since 2008, his world was never quite the same. Everyday he found himself getting out of bed slower and slower, dreading what he’d face when he finally sat down at his desk.
In his own words, “I despised the business I once loved. I decided that if I wanted to change things, I had to switch strategies and take a path that no one else was taking.”

His first step was to look at what every other guy in the industry was doing...and do the opposite. That meant diving deep into the world of Facebook marketing in order to leverage a different, less “industry adopted” marketing channel to recruit more Loan Officers to his branch.

Through conversation, I asked Scott one simple question, and the answer completely changed the approach he was taking.

We identified there may be a more direct (and valuable) path to accomplish this goal.

Rather than using Facebook to drive traffic to try to only recruit more Loan Officers, he instead decided to use Facebook to get more Mortgage LEADS.

He crafted a homebuyer lead gen campaign as a test and got incredible results. Leads generated were of very high quality and they came in at a relatively low CPA compared to other channels.

These kinds of leads put the loan officer in the driver’s seat by getting to the customer at the beginning stages of their home buying journey.

The proverbial holy grail of the mortgage world.

When you have an influx of low cost, high quality mortgage leads that you can feed to Loan Officers, it would be MUCH easier to recruit them to work with you.


you get to financially benefit from all the deals closed.

(Now that’s what I call leveraged thinking).

This immediately increased Scott ability to recruit more Loan Officers, which also meant more revenue for his business.

But there was ANOTHER major benefit.

You see Scott’s business was limited to a geographical location restraint. He could only recruit Officers for HIS office…

BUT he was now had the ability to generate these leads NATIONWIDE.

He launched a digital marketing agency focused on generating homebuyer leads for loan officers.

By doing this he could not only put himself in a better recruiting position…

He systematized his efforts so they could work nationwide - without every leaving the comfort of his office.


That’s called intelligent leverage – and putting the ACCELERATOR into action.
I know you want to know how you can put the ACCELERATOR to work for you.

So watch your inbox…

And we will talk soon.
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